Hartford manufactures multipairs and machining centers from small to large machines.
Hartford, with a production of about 1,600 machines per year, is one of Taiwan’s largest manufacturers of multi-operation machines.

The company’s solid experience and know-how are based in the mid-60s when the production of machine tools was started by the same owner family who today runs the company.

Hartford employs nearly 500 people and sells approximately SEK 1 billion, with exports to 67 different countries accounting for the bulk. There are currently over 20,000 machines delivered worldwide.

The company processes and assembles its own components to the machines, such as machining and grinding of joints, spindle assembly and electrical systems. The control systems used are Fanuc, Heidenhain and Mitsubishi.

The machine program today comprises 20s horizontal, vertical and portal multi-operation machines in a variety of sizes. Everything from machines for machining small electronic components to large welded and molded details.

In this very complete program, machines are available for the most demanding and extensive operations and operations, regardless of whether you prefer fast machines with ball and roller controls or machines for really powerful and tough machining with solid boxing gear.


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