Doosan Puma 2100-2600-3100 Series



DOOSAN Machine Tools Puma 2100/2600/3100 sērija

Augstas izturības, augstas precizitātes horizontālie virpošanas centri piedāvā dažādus izmērus un iespējas.


Patronas izmērs, mm: 255
Caurejoša stieņa diametrs, mm: 76
Darbavārpstas apgriezieni, apgr/min: 3500/4000
Darbavārpstas jauda, kW: 22, 26
Pretējās darbavārpstas apgriezieni, apgr/min: 4500-6000
Pretējās darbavārpstas jauda, kW: 7,5, 15
Aktīvo instrumentu apgriezieni (M), apgr/min: 5000
Maks. virpošanas garums, mm: 760-1280
Instrumentu skaits standartā/opcija: 12/16 (max pozicionēšanai 24)

Opcijas: L = Long, M = Milling, S = Subspindle, Y = Y axis

doosan puma 2600 front duroc machine tool


Box guideways are applied to all axes to prevent vibration and secure dynamic rigidity, so ensure powerful and precise machining. Y-axis control perform a variety of complex shape machining easily with high accuracy.

Turret rotation is controlled by servo motor for fast and reliable tool selection. Doosan’s unique BMT turret design is used on M and Y specification models to boost heavy duty milling performance.

Enhances ease of operation by the design based on the user’s convenience.

Puma 2100YPuma 2600YPuma3100Y
Patronas diametrs210 mm255 mm305 mm
Caurejoša stieņa diametrs65 mm76 mm102 mm
Y-ass102 mm +/- 51mm130 mm+/- 65mm
Darbavārpstas apgriezieni5000 rpm (4500)4000 rpm (3500)3000 rpm (2800)
Pretējā darbavārpsta6000 rpm (4500)
Darbavārpstas jauda 5,5 kW,  5000 rpm , 47 Nm (7,5 kW, 95,5 Nm)


There are even more arguments and benefits with the new Puma Lathe that we would like to tell you more about.

NOTE! When buying a Puma, the turret is always packed with basic tool holders.


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